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Although the range of wine products has increased in recent years, wine standards have been established for decades. There are very few new proposals that can find a new niche in the market where red, rosé, white wines and cavas have their strict uses and methods of consumption. When we want to accompany a meal with wine, we know exactly what kind of wine we should use and, if we are true lovers of winemaking, we will have a selection of strains varied according to our palate and the event in which we are enjoying the bottle.

Revolution among wines

Blue wine, which gets this coloration thanks to anthocyanins, is an innovative product that brings freshness to the world of winemaking. This new combination of colors and flavor has brought the world of wine to the top in recent years. Its fruity flavors and its characteristic tonality generate debates in the communities of tasters and lovers of good wine.

Beside discussions, this variant of wine is increasingly establishing in the market and reaches thousands of lovers throughout the Spanish territory. But the question we ask ourselves is the following: ‘Are we, consumers of blue wine, using it correctly?’ Discover how to accompany this wine specialty and triumph during your friends' meetings.

To accompany seafood or pasta

The blue wine is designed to accompany the best seafood and fish. You can pair any dish that includes mussels, prawns, crayfish, clams or lobsters. We will not stop there, since you will also have succes if you prepare a copious plate of pasta. Choose 'farfalle', 'fusilli', 'tagliatelle' or 'ravioli', and you will always be on the right path.

Our recommendation is to bet on any type of fresh stuffed pasta, for example with foie. The last recommendation we make for this bottle is rice. You will discover its potential when you accompany it with a good seafood paella.

Blue wine is good for your health

Do not forget also what a good bottle of blue wine can contribute to your health. The benefits of this wine come from anthocyanins. These pigments have antioxidant features, therefore, they prevent skin aging and cellular oxidation. To these anti-aging factors we must add the classic benefits of wine as its help to burn fat, maintain healthy teeth and improve mental agility.