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Wines of the desert (Vinos del desierto)

Our desert wines are harvested in a unique place that offers special characteristics to create a different wine. The location where our wine was born is situated in the desert in the province of Almeria (Spain), about 30 km north of the capital, Almeria, and protected as a Natural Area of 280 km2.

Special climate

The few rains are usually storms so the soil usually has very little vegetation. These characteristics and especially the sparse vegetation make it to be unable to retain moisture. Also on the other side of this desert there is more intense erosion, creating a characteristic landscape.

Even so, the climate allows the total maturation of the varieties which makes them adopt jam and raisin aromas. Our wines for aromas become a mixture with the aim of achieving a powerful smell and above all that what the customer likes, being sweet.

Protected geography

The harvest of our wines is made in a protected geographical indication, called the 'Desert of Almeria'. The different authorized grapes with which we work in our wineries are Tempranillo, Merlot, Garnacha and Cabernet Sauvignon.

The main characteristics of our desert wines are determined by the weather conditions of the region where we are located. Our wines stand out from the rest because of their potency, their great body and, above all, their high concentration.